Dental problems are very painful, especially when they strike you suddenly. Dentists are usually busy, and you need to fix an appointment for regular checkups. However, in case of emergency dental problems, you may not have the time to schedule your visit and therefore cannot simply walk into a clinic and ask for help. This is when you need an emergency dentist. Dr. Robert Page is your emergency dentist in Boston, Massachusetts.  Call Congress Dental Group at (617) 574-8700 if you are experiencing a dental emergency, so that we can quickly provide treatment to help you begin regaining your oral health.

Emergency dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of sudden dental problems. Our professional emergency dentists work day in and day out, so they can help you even at night. When you are in need of emergency dental services, you often ignore to choose the dentist carefully, but you need to remember that a good emergency dentist will treat your problem the right way. As most of the emergency dental problems need proper diagnosis and care, consulting a good dentist is very essential. Here are some of the cases with emergency dentistry that could happen with both kids and adults:

Whether you have a severe toothache or a mild one, it should be treated right away. However, most people ignore the mild toothaches, which often lead to severe toothache and force you to seek the help of an emergency dentist. If the pain is severe, do not use painkillers. You can use warm water to clean the mouth before you reach the clinic. Regular dental checkups and proper hygiene will avoid this kind of emergency dentistry mishaps.

We lead a busy lifestyle where everyone is always on the move. Both kids and adults are prone to accidents which might result in broken tooth/teeth. When you meet with an accident and your tooth is chipped off, you need the help of an emergency dentist immediately for appropriate treatment.

For more information about emergency dentistry, and to speak with our dentists about your emergency, contact our office today.