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Are you prepared for any oral emergencies? Did you know never to use sharp tools when removing objects that are stuck in your teeth? Did you know that applying gauze and pressure can help stop bleeding in the event of an open wound caused by biting your lip or tongue? The difference of a few seconds with an oral injury and the choices you make could be the difference between a quick and successful recovery or a long and unpleasant recovery.

One of the most common kinds of oral emergencies occurs with objects that get lodged or stuck in your mouth between your teeth. This could range from a simple piece of food stuck between your teeth to a fall or injury causing the discomfort. The first thing you should do is use a removal tool that is not too sharp or capable of inflicting more damage and pain. In some cases, the removal of the item may require the help of a dentist, but if you can do it yourself, be careful not to do anything that could damage your teeth and gums even more.

Other oral emergencies are caused by the loss of teeth. This occurs when a tooth is knocked out with brute force or blunt trauma. If your tooth has fallen out due to trauma, it may be possible to save and reattach the tooth. However, this requires protecting the tooth until your dentist can successfully reattach them. Place the tooth in a tooth-saving product and use gauze to prevent further bleeding in your smile. Be careful not to damage the root of your tooth or any nerve endings that may be exposed. If you can see the nerve of a tooth, be sure to contact your dentist, Dr. Robert Page right away.

If you need help with your oral emergency, please call Congress Dental Group so we can get you in to see our team as soon as possible. Our office is located in Boston, Massachusetts, and we can be reached at (617) 574-8700. We are always happy to assist you in any way we can.