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Did you know that dental floss is a key component of oral hygiene care? Interdental cleaning tools are necessary to clean out areas between your teeth that your brush or other cleaning utensils may have missed. Through the use of interdental cleaning tools such as dental floss or a water flosser, plaque, debris, food particles and several other substances that are between your teeth can be removed. Not only is this important for your oral health care, but it can also help keep your smile looking as beautiful as ever.

If you choose a threaded dental floss for your interdental cleaning needs, make sure that is used effectively every single day for at least two minutes each. Be sure to floss between each tooth and don’t forget the teeth in the back of your mouth. When selecting a dental floss product, always look for one that meets your oral health needs and can easily clean between your teeth without shredding.

Furthermore, make sure you use a strand of thread that can be replaced daily, as you should never use the same floss for more than one session. In addition, be sure to move up and down a strand between each tooth to limit your risk for contamination. Ideally, a dental floss thread should be 18 inches in length. To hold it, wrap it around a finger on each hand and move up and down the section while cleaning between each tooth. If you struggle with traditional dental floss, consider switching to an easier to operate tool such as a water flosser, which is thread-free and uses water instead.

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