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The road to being a teenager is littered with obstacles all along the way. Everything from the pressure placed upon you by other peers to natural occurrences can derail you at every possible turn. The important thing is to focus on staying safe and keeping your oral health and smile remaining in their peak conditions.

The biggest threat to a teens mouth comes in the form of their social surroundings. Oftentimes, peer pressure can lead a person, specifically a teenager, into making the wrong decisions. Many bad habits that crop up as a teen are highly toxic to one’s oral health. This includes drug use, mouth jewelry, smoking and chewing tobacco, and taking unnecessary risks without safety equipment.

Another key risk to a teen’s smile comes in the form of contact sports. Although sports are a fun pastime for many children, teens, and adults alike, they can result in oral accidents and injuries if you are not well suited. Always wear the appropriate mouthguards, headgear, or helmets when applicable. Although it might not look cool wearing bulky safety gear at times, having a full set of teeth for the rest of your life is worth it.

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