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Tongue scrapers are hand-held tools that can benefit you, your oral health, and your smile in a myriad of ways. When it comes to oral hygiene, it’s not required to use a tongue scraper. However, this tool can help you if you do. To explain a little more about tongue scrapers in Boston, Massachusetts, Dr. Robert Page and our dental team are happy to tell you the benefits associated with them.

First, tongue scrapers can help with bad breath. Because most bad breath issues come from the bacteria on the tongue, it has been proven that scraping your tongue on a regular basis can help eliminate as well as prevent odorous breath.

Second, tongue scrapers can add flavor to your food. Unfortunately, your taste buds can become blocked if you fail to remove the bacterial film on the surface of your tongue, which can result in your inability to taste food. So, when you use a tongue scraper, the pores will be opened and your taste buds will be exposed.

Third, tongue scrapers can boost your oral health. Sadly, the bacteria on your tongue can promote and create gum disease, tooth decay, and plaque buildup. So, if you use a tongue scraper and clean your tongue at least once a day, there is a high chance you won’t suffer these dental issues.

As you can see, tongue scrapers can help you more than you might think. If you have any questions or if you would like to know which scrapers our dental team recommends, please call Congress Dental Group at (617) 574-8700 at your earliest convenience. We are happy to help you in any way we can, and we look forward to hearing from you!